First, thank you for visiting our website. There are so many roofing companies in Western New York that it can he tough to decide who to choose. Here’s a little info about me, my business, and our core philosophies. I’ll also share with you some of the materials we use and why we do things like we do.We are a fully licensed and fully insured roofing business based out of Hamburg, NY and doing business throughout the Buffalo area. We are family owned and operated and have been in business for 7 years.

We start with a complete tear-off of your old roof. We do this for a few reasons:

  • It allows us to inspect the roof itself and make sure there aren’t any structural issues or leaks that may not have shown up on the inside of your home, but have already begun on your roof.
  • Most people don’t realize this, but while it is typically acceptable according to local building codes, putting a new roof over the old roof will void the manufacture’s warranty instantly. So, those 30 year shingles you purchased are now, as far as the manufacturer is concerned, 1 day shingles.
  • It’s a better job, without a doubt.

We offer shingles in a variety of colors to work with your home’s exterior and use GAF shingles with a lifetime warranty.

We take care of the removal of all the old roofing and clean-up your yard before we leave. Just a tip – after you have your roof replaced, be on the look-out for the random nail. No roofer can find every nail dropped, so for the safety of animals, children and car tires, just be careful.

Good luck on your new roof. I hope we have the chance to put it on for you.

Bryan Tramontana

When preparing to install a new roof, there is a question that we need to answer: Rubber or Shingles? There are many differences between the two, so we will be brief.


The chief advantage of rubber roofs is that they’re very durable. This results in less maintenance and a longer life-time for the roof as a whole. Another major advantage of rubber roofs is that they are easy to repair.

The life-span of a rubber roof is around 20 to 30 years on average.

Rubber roofs are well suited to flat roofs in particular, but you can use them on any type of roof.


A major advantage of the shingled roof is that it offers a wide variety of aesthetic choices. With this in mind, if what you’re looking for is variety, a shingled roof might be your best bet.

Shingled roofs have a much shorter life-span than rubber roofs, lasting from 15 to 25 years or so.

Shingled roofs are well suited to slanted and steep roofs especially.