As a trusted, established roofing business, we are proud to offer a wide range of roofing services, including comprehensive repair services. From fixing roof leaks to repairing storm damage, the professionals at Roofs by Bryan are always there in a pinch. 

Our experts repairing a damaged roof

Roof Leaks

Given the weather in Western New York, roof leaks can spring up on you at any time. To keep your roof safe and dry, we recommend at least yearly maintenance. If you’re experiencing a leaking roof, be sure to call us! Worried about the damage but don’t know the severity? Let us handle the leak assessments. We’ll take a comprehensive look at your roof, develop a strategic plan, and get to work on making sure you and your family stay safe, dry, and comfortable. 

Wind & Storm Damage

Western New York is famous for its ice storms with heavy wind. If your roof has sustained wind damage or storm damage, don’t hesitate to call us! Wind damage is the biggest culprit behind shingle blow-offs. When a storm hits, stay safe and call the trusted professionals at Roofs by Bryan.

Stop Ice Damming

In the winter, your gutters can ice up, causing a buildup of moisture on your roof, which freezes, causing ice damming. Ice dams on your roof prevent water from flowing off. The water behind the dam leaks into your home, damaging the walls, insulation, ceilings, and foundation. Keep your roof safe and dry with regular maintenance from the pros at Roofs by Bryan. 

Pipe Boot Repairs

Your pipe boots are designed to insulate the plumbing pipes on your home. Corroding or leaking pipe boots can lead to leaks or damage to your roof. If you see a wet spot on your ceiling, this could be a sign of pipe boot damage. At Roofs by Bryan, our comprehensive roofing specialists can handle your pipe boot repairs and make sure you and your family always stay safe and dry. 

Tree Limb Punctures

Branches or tree limbs too close to your home can be a cause for concern. When the weather acts up, they can become projectiles and threaten the safety of your roof. It’s a good idea to regularly prune away auspiciously placed branches and limbs regularly. If your roof sustains damage from a tree limb, we’ve got you covered. From shingle replacement to plugging holes, we can do it all.