Our Roofing Team

Bryan Tramontana had a vision to address an unmet need. In the late 1990s, he was a home inspector. At that time, Bryan grew tired of seeing shoddy work being passed as “acceptable.”

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Who We Are

What sets Roofs By Bryan apart from the competition? Simple. We take pride in providing outstanding, personable roofing services. You won’t find anyone more dedicated to understanding your roofing needs.

Once we fully understand your situation, we explain what we plan to do and how we intend to accomplish it. We answer all of your questions. Most importantly, we follow through on what we promise.

Team Members

Bryan Tramontana

Owner / Founder

Bryan’s roofing journey began in college when he got roped into roofing his parents' neighbor’s house. That’s when he fell in love with being up high and seeing things from fresh perspectives. But he likes the ground too, and enjoys walking barefoot in the mud and is passionate about giving back to community-centered endeavors. With a commitment to quality and a unique view on life, Bryan ensures every roof is done right and every customer feels valued.

Cathy Rosenbeck

Office Manager

Cathy, is a South Buffalo native with over 20+ years in construction admin, and despite officially being retired, for some reason decided to join Roofs by Bryan in March 2024. She enjoys swearing (when necessary), spending time with her cat and tending plants (always) and is looking forward to doing some interior decorating for her new home with her husband.

Dave Lauria

Project Manager

Dave's a Navy vet and Buffalo State grad. He married his high school sweetheart and they have three kids. He's a huge fan of the Buffalo Bills and has a complicated relationship with the Sabres. But can you blame him? That doesn't stop him from living hockey though. He plays in beer leagues and uses his talent to raise money for Roswell. With a passion for quality, Dave brings his enthusiasm and commitment to Roofs by Bryan, ensuring every project is done right. And yes, he believes everything needs more cowbell!


Strategic Partnership

Rob is the founder of Guardian Seamless Gutters & Carpentry, LLC, a family business launched in 2019. Specializing in roof water management systems, Rob's team excels in installing and repairing gutters, soffit, and fascia. Rob and Bryan often collaborate on projects, with Bryan ensuring a solid, leak-free roof and Rob expertly managing the water runoff. Together, with their powers combined, they keep homes dry and in tip-top shape.

Jason Jurewicz

Creative Director

Jason and Bryan go way back—all the way to junior high. Fast forward 30 years, and Jason’s not just handling Bryan’s branding; he’s also a happy client. Bryan put a roof on Jason’s house 10 years ago, and guess what? Still no leaks! Jason runs a video production company in Buffalo called Brand Landers.

Annamaria Masucci

Strategic Consultant

Our multi-talented consultant at Roofs by Bryan, Annamaria has done it all—from TV marketing to project management at Roswell Park, and community liaison work in Hamburg. She founded Village Juice Works because, why not add 'juice mogul' to the resume? Now, she directs Pitch Hamburg, helping new businesses start up. With her expertise and community spirit, Annamaria fits right in—plus, she’s probably the only one here who can juggle juice bottles and project plans.

Giving Back to Our Community

We sponsor the Buffalo Holiday Market, Santa’s Workshop, the Village of Hamburg Sesquicentennial Celebration, the PTSA Fun Run, the Hamburg Hawks Baseball, Pride in the Park, Village ENGAGED, PITCH Hamburg, the 8U Roofs By Byran Softball Team, and the 8U Roofs By Bryan “Cubs” Baseball Team for the Hamburg Junior Baseball & Softball League; adopted the Hamburg High School Girls Varsity Lacrosse Team and the Hamburg High School Academy of Finance.

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